At Descant, we do Growth Strategy Consulting for non profits and small firms.

If you are one of our future clients, then here is a brief description of who you are:

You are a changemaker in your field, and you bring a very unique value to your offering. You are quite different from the crowd, and your customers know that!

Your target segment appreciates you and wishes that you really grow in scale since the world deserves products and services that you offer.

Yet, you are struggling to reach that level. You are tied up with your operations to make sure all's running with its excellence. Where is the time to think of a growth plan, new target segments, new customers?

You need someone with proven experience in leading transformation in organisations based on well grounded strategic management foundations.

Descant brings you learnings from leadership experience in corporates, non profits and startups. And to top it all, world class frameworks from education from the top management school of the country!

Meet jacob

Descant is founded by Jacob, an experienced leader with close to 25 years of corporate experience, who has transformed teams in the last 10 years, from average performance to being high performance teams in the organisation with global visibility. His experience ranges from top multinationals, non profits and startup firms. Key expertise includes Organisational Evaluation and Design, Talent Hiring and Positioning, Agile and Iterative Implementation methodology, and Continuous Improvement using Metrics based Tracking.

Jacob has a systematic methodology in doing gap analysis of a team in its overall performance towards the project. Through this interactive metholodgy, he identifies the changes needed to achieve high potential in teams. This is followed by a recommendation for strategic growth, a plan of execution of doing surgical changes to the team to focus towards a vision, resulting in demonstration of efficiency and impact in implementation.

Target Customer Segment

Non Profit Funding Agencies

Be the Single Point of Contact for implementation of funds across multiple NGOs. Create overlay architecture to cover multiple NGOs for a common theme.

CSR Department of corporates

Provide growth strategy for NGOs they want to fund. Create overlay architecture to cover multiple NGOs, using the strength area of the corporate, including their products and volunteering of staff.

NGO (Non Profit) leaders

Create a growth strategy and pitch for funding. Be the Single Point of Contact for implementation of large fund programs

Business Leaders

Be an Executive coach for their strategy and program management.

If you like to know more Email Jacob to get started.